Hungarian brand of hand-dyed yarns by Zsofi Congor.

Their specialty is animal fibers. Among their bases you can find merino wool, silk, cashmere, alpaca, camel hair and a yarn spun exclusively for Bilum in Italy. Her favorite is a fingering-thick yak and silk blend. Its natural brown tone makes it absorb dyes very well and gives the yarn a great depth of color.

Thanks to years of research, she has achieved the soft gradients that are Bilum’s hallmark along with the semi-solid skeins.

Bilum presents its gradients in the form of “cakes”. In them, you will see the flow of complete sequences and appreciate how the tones blend together to end up in bright, vibrant colors.

Bilum presenta sus degradados en forma de “cakes”. En ellos, verás el flujo de secuencias completas y apreciarás cómo se funden los tonos hasta terminar en colores vivos y brillantes.

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