Dye Dye Done

Dye Dye Done

Dye Dye Done is a small Polish brand that creates hand-dyed threads, and created by the designer Hanna Maciejewska aka Hada Knits and her partner.

The perfect combo was made after years of seeing Hanna designing knitting patterns, and her enthusiasm while searching the most suitable wool for each garment. That was how her husband decided to accompany her on this adventure and support her dying wools. 

Dye Dye Done offers hand-made wools with deep and vibrant colors. Its thread variety contains merino, yak, silk, alpaca and cashmere, linen, and a mixture of fibers. The favorite of their creators is Yakalicious: a mixture of merino, silk, and yak.

Of course, you will find a wide selection of patterns designed by Hanna Maciejewska to create with your wools. Both are happy to work together creating something unique from their home and sharing it with the whole knitting world.

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