Greta and the Fibers

Greta and the Fibers

Greta and the Fibers is a brand of hand-dyed wool created in December 2010. From a small business based in her own home, Greta recently started to have her own workshop / showroom in l’Ametlla de Mar (Tarragona) and It is in full international expansion.


Greta and the Fibers only work with high quality material and part of the primary colors to create an infinity of tones that are difficult to find in commercial wool. In addition, they create exclusive combinations and colors for fairs, as well as limited editions for the events in which they participate.

Their strength is the thick fingering yarn but it also have thicker alternatives and pure silk, which so few creators work with. Greta and the Fibers are always exploring new dyeing techniques to respond to the most demanding market and to an increasingly diverse audience.

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