Astrid leads this young family business. Lazadas is dedicated to designing innovative accessories for demanding knitters, made with high quality materials.

In addition to their fun knitting markers and gadgets to sort needles by size, you can’t miss their Blocking Wire Sets. They are cute little boxes with flexible steel wires and markers to block all your pieces and say goodbye to tweezers.

Their latest creation looks like something out of a catwalk: Is it a wool bowl? Is it a needlework bag? Nooo, it’s the Project Caddy! A flexible, multi-purpose silicone container with a built-in handle. Its design will help you to have your needlework always at hand and to knit how and where you want. You can wear it and combine it with your most fashionable knitting look because it is available in mint, ultraviolet and fuchsia colors. Do you dare?

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