MEZ Crafts is one of the European firms with the longest tradition, experience and know-how in the creative needlework market. Its universe of yarns for crochet, knitting, embroidery and sewing is one of the most complete in the sector. Among its brands, you will find Anchor, Schachenmayr, Regia, Milward, MEZ Sewings, MEZ Fabrics and Red Heart.


The superior quality of their products, their wide range of colours and their kits are internationally recognised. The variety of their designs, designed for craft enthusiasts, cover the needs of the most demanding knitters: from the beginner to the most advanced.


Mez Crafts fibres are synonymous with quality and commitment to the environment: the cotton is produced according to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard and its wool qualities are mulesing-free. All their yarns are manufactured with the most modern and innovative dyeing technology and methods on the market.


Their new Mez Green label goes one step further in their quest to be more sustainable. In addition to complying with legal and environmental requirements and demands throughout the manufacturing process, the products in the Mez Green range, such as organic cotton or recycled polyester, come from sustainably cultivated raw materials.


We invite you to discover the MEZ Crafts universe and to weave a more sustainable world with them.

Anchor Crafty

Anchor Crafty is an ecological and sustainable yarn, 100% recycled, made from textile and plastic waste. It is made in a similar way to a rope. It consists of a soft 3-strand braided cord of approx. 5 mm thickness, which makes it very easy to work with and ideal for beginners.

Anchor Crafty’s properties also allow it to be frayed for textured fringes. It is perfect for macramé and home decorating projects such as plant hangers, wall hangings, table runners, table runners, placemats, coasters, key rings and other projects. It can also be used for crochet and stocking stitch.

Anchor Freccia

Anchor Freccia is a versatile, high quality, 3-ply, 100% Egyptian cotton yarn. It combines a delicate balance of softness, suppleness, body and lustre, in 6 thicknesses ( 6, 8, 12, 16, 16, 20 and 25) and has a superb selection of solid and multi-coloured shades.

It is ideal for home decor crochet projects, fashion garments and also for baby clothes, as it is very easy to work with and performs fantastically well.

Anchor Organic Cotton

Anchor Organic Cotton is 100% GOTS certified cotton.

This 4-ply, non-mercerised yarn has a naturally soft feel and a matt finish. Chemical-free and Oeko-tex certified, it is especially suitable for sensitive skin.

The 20 colours in its palette, inspired by nature, are created with vegetable-based dyes. Anchor organic cotton is perfect for crochet and stockinette knitting.

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