Santa Pazienzia | Slow Crochet. 12 proyectos a crochet para tejer sin prisa


book signing: Santa Pazienzia | Slow Crochet. 12 proyectos a crochet para tejer sin prisa

Estefa is the founder of Santa Pazienzia, a small craft company from which she designs and teaches knitting to thousands of crocheters around the world through her online courses, both on her website and on the Domestika platform and in the different workshops she teaches. 

With a very personal style, her designs stand out for being modern projects focused on knitters who enjoy knitting and showing off what they create with their own hands. 

Estefa is from Cádiz and studied teaching at the University of Granada, so teaching is a pure vocation. By combining education with her passion she has managed to fill the world with new crochet enthusiasts.

Slow Crochet. 12 crochet projects to crochet without haste.

Santa Pazienzia. 2022. Editorial Almuzara

This is much more than a book of crochet projects. Through its patterns Estefanía González, Estefa, tells the story of how she went from not knowing how to crochet to having a company dedicated to teaching crochet online with thousands of students in more than 50 countries.

Each of the 12 projects in the book has its own story and all of them are inspired by a different part of the designer’s personal life, which is so closely linked to crochet.

There is a pattern for every moment, no matter your crochet skills, because they are designed to cover all levels.

It’s time to enjoy slow crochet. Crochet has ceased to be the technique of our grandmothers to become a new form of meditation.

saturday, 05/11 from 11 to 12:30 h at port vell hall

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