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book signing: Veera Välimäki | Stripes

This pattern designer lives in a small town in southern Finland. Veera Välimäki creates designs with clean, simple lines and fresh touches. She loves simple, modern patterns that are easy to knit and wear year after year. 

 She prefers garter stitch and short loops to work with and confesses to being a true expert at starting to knit her favourite garments: jumpers and shawls.

 Most of her work has been self-published but Stripes, her third book, was published by Laine in 2021 and the Interpretations! collection, created with Joji Locatelli and published by Pom Pom Press, has reached its 8th volume.

 Veera’s work has also appeared in magazines and books in Finland, Europe and the United States. In addition, she teaches at weaving events and festivals, mainly in the UK, USA and Central Europe.


Published by Laine Publishing, 2021.

For years, Veera Välimäki has been fascinated by playing with colours and textures, and especially by making stripes out of them.

In Stripes, she encourages you to start your own journey into the world of stripes. This book contains 20 knitting patterns, including jumpers, cardigans and shawls, as well as a casual dress, a hat and your new favourite pair of socks. 

Both the book and its fabrics are an ode to contemporary knitwear that exudes a relaxed, timeless feel. Stripes is Veera’s third hardcover book.

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