Nina Hand Dyed Yarn

Nina Hand Dyed Yarn

Nina Hand Dyed Yarn is a Hungarian hand-dyed yarn brand by Nina. Actually, Nina is the nickname that Bernadette uses since high-school and that gives name to her brand.

Nina began her adventure as a dyer with her first passion: cross-stitch. Soon after that, she began to dye twisted cotton thread for embroidery until she discovered the world of knitting and crochet. It was then that she started to dye other types of fibers.

Nina loves to play with colors in her studio, or as she calls it: her “place of happiness”. Dying wool is more than a job. She creates her colors with enthusiasm and dyes each skein with passion, happiness, and love. A passion that she shares with her 3 and a half years old daughter. She also likes to play with skeins. From each stick, each yarn ball.

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