Ovejita Be!

Ovejita Be!

Ovejita Be! is a brand of handmade and hand-dyed wool. Teresa looks for the most special bases to achieve an explosion of color that makes each garment special, she opens a world of possibilities beyond the commercial wool. She also designs accessories that show her love for wool. Among them stand out plates and cups illustrated by herself and produced locally in small series.

Ovejita Be!’s yarns are composed mostly of natural fibers. They are characterized by the softness and thickness of the bases and their result with dyes and knitting. They come from the European Union, from mulesing-free farms and are colored with environmentally friendly dyes. The cottons are 100% national, spun in Terrassa (Barcelona).

Ovejita Be! takes us back to childhood, to play with colors and shapes and to create unique pieces with colored wool that you would never have imagined and with patterns that are small challenges. Teresa creates, you only have to believe!

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