EweKnit – Claudia Quintanilla

Claudia Quintanilla is a Salvadoran knitting designer living in Toronto, Canada.

Claudia has always loved playing with yarn and learned to knit as a child with the nuns at her school in El Salvador. When she immigrated to Canada, she discovered that the cold climate was perfect for knitting. However, it wasn’t until she interrupted her studies to take care of her young daughter that she found in knitting a unique combination of pleasure, tranquility and passion. This journey culminated in the creation of the physical store Eweknit & Craft.

Today, Claudia collaborates with international magazines, has more than 100 published patterns and two books of designs for children.


Embellish Your Sweater

  • Saturday 16/11, from 9 to 12h
  • Language: English
  • Technique: Knitting
  • Sponsored by Knitting Tours
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