Lanivendole means “wool sellers” in the Florentine dialect. That’s precisely what they are: three friends who came together to share their passions: spinning and weaving. Stefania, Federica and Guilia began to create yarns of an extraordinary quality for weavers like you.

Lanivendole selects the best non-treated fibers from Italian breeders: wool, mohair, cashmere or alpaca, which spin and dye by hand in Genoa. Sometimes, they also send them to a small mill at the foot of the Alps, where they get the threads ready to be dyed.

The colors and textures of the Lanivendole skeins are inspired by the Genoese environment, they speak of the Mediterranean Sea and the narrow streets where people and cultures collide. It is a land of fishermen and explorers like them, who are always looking for new natural fibers and colors.

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