mYak is a brand specializing in high quality natural Tibetan fibers, which are processed by artisan hands at the foot of the Alps.

Paola and Andrea know the nomadic shepherds of the Tibetan plateau very well. After more than twenty years of living and working with them, they have learned to appreciate their traditions. They respect what they love and also their beliefs, they share their way of life and their way of working. Their relationship goes beyond acquiring the fiber obtained from combing baby yaks, Kashmiri goats and Tibetan sheep. Together they contribute to the future of one of the world’s oldest nomadic populations.

The very nature of mYak yarns makes them soft and their colors are inspired by the landscape of the Tibetan plateau. In addition, Paola and Andrea regularly collaborate with international designers such as Sarah Solomon, Michele Wang, Kirsten Kapur or Julie Hoover to design patterns and show all the possibilities offered by their catalog.

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