Rosários 4 is a Portuguese family business that has become an international reference for the quality of its yarns for knitting, crocheting and embroidering Arraiolos on fabrics such as hemp.

This Portuguese factory, located at the top of Mira de Aire, has creativity, flexibility and enthusiasm in its DNA. It is thus able to innovate and adapt to market demands and to meet the needs of weavers from all over the world.

Without ever losing sight of its origins, Rosários 4 goes further. In its extensive catalog you will find an assortment of yarns ranging from acrylics to natural fibers such as bamboo through those of natural origin such as milk.

Inspired by the views of the Serra d’Aire hills, each ball of yarn is produced in a sustainable way in a careful process that respects the environment. With this motivation has created the Ecofriendly collection, a line of organic yarns with GOTS certification. 

Every year, Rosários 4 presents two new collections that always set trends. On their website you will also find hundreds of free patterns to keep up to date with your needlework.

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