Pascuali yarns are characterized by their exceptional quality. All its threads are composed exclusively of natural fibers, produced ecologically. For Pascuali it is equally important to offer a high quality and the respect to animals.

Therefore, it does not collaborate with intermediaries. It works directly with small producers in Argentina, Peru, Portugal and Germany to ensure the transparency of the production process and the control of spinning and dyeing of its balls and skeins, which are guaranteed with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate.

Mohair Manada

Mohair Manada is Pascuali’s first mohair. It is composed of an exclusive blend of 45% superkid mohair, 25% silk, 15% yak and 15% superfine merino fibres. This yarn is extremely soft. It is perfect to knit with double strand and give an extra softness to your projects.

  • Composition: 45% Superkid mohair, 25% silk, 15% yak and 15% superfine merino
  • Length: 200 m / 25 g
  • Thickness: Lace
  • Recommended needles: 2,5 – 4 mm | 2 – 6 US

Puno Winikunka

Puno Winikunka, a wonderfully soft blend, is 70% cotton and 30% alpaca wool. The cotton is GOTS certified and the alpaca wool comes from Peru, where it was also spun for Pascuali.

  • Composition: 70% cotton and 30% alpaca wool.
  • Length: 200 m / 50 g
  • Thickness: Fingering
  • Recommended needles: 2,5 mm | 2 US


Tibetan is a blend of ultra-fine 16.5 micron GOTS certified and mulesing free virgin Merino wool and 30% Yak. Yak adds incredible softness and warmth to Tibetan knitted garments.

  • Composition: 770 % ultra-fine virgin merino and 30% yak
  • Length: 125 m / 50 g
  • Thickness: DK
  • Recommended needles: 4 – 4,5 mm | 6 – 7 US
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