Unwind Knitwear – Rachel Illsley | A Personalised Fit for Top-Down Circular Yokes

A Personalised Fit for Top-Down Circular Yokes

Do you find it difficult to adjust circular yoke sweater patterns to your size? Are the shoulders too tight? Are the armholes too narrow? Can’t you get the right neckline? 

In this hands-on theory workshop, we’ll play with math to figure out the cut that suits you best. Rachel will delve into short rows shaping and how you can use this technique to achieve the perfect fit for your sweater neckline and yoke.

You’ll learn how to take your measurements to calculate the ideal number of short rows you need and how to transfer those measurements based on yarn thickness. 

If you don’t know how to knit with short rows, Rachel will teach you the basics of the German technique so you can learn how to master it. She will also explain other ways to adapt a pattern, taking into account the choice of size, the point where the yoke separates into body and sleeves, the position of the armholes and the seam allowance to cast off. 

Rachel will use designs from Unwind Knitwear as an example, but you can take a top-down circular yoke sweater to see how to improve the fit in yarn and live.

If you feel like it, you’ll be able to try on a sample piece during the workshop. We recommend that you bring a thin t-shirt for the sweater fitting.

Language: English
Date: Sunday, 11/17, from 9 to 12 h
Technique: Knitting
Places: 20
Knowledge level: Intermediate
Required knowledge: Cast on, knit, purl, increase, decrease with ease with circular needles.
Required Material: 

  • A calculator (the one on your phone will do, if you have one).
  • A pen or pencil
  • A tape measure
  • (Optional) a sweater with a circular yoke from top to bottom that you want to improve the fit.

Homework: Once you have registered, please send your chest circumference measurements (bust measurement) by email to rachel@unwindknitwear.co.uk. This will ensure that Rachel will have a jersey in your size available for the 




The entrance to one or more workshops includes the entrance to Barcelona Knits during the weekend.

Remember that to access Barcelona Knits you must go to the ticket office to exchange your ticket for a non-transferable wristband. 

Access to the exhibitors’ hall will depend on the capacity of the fair, so it is possible that queues may form outdoors at some point.


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